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Will LoaderMax work with FlexBuilder debugging?

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Hello!  I'm impressed with what I read about LoaderMax.  I'll need to purchase your business account to do what I'm planning.  Can I create multiple swfs and load them via and xml file and test all this in FlashBuilder since I still have developlent to finish in the content?  I will have around 40ish projects each with around 50 unique movie clips. 

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


Good news


  1. Yes, LoaderMax / XMLLoader will let you configure an xml file to specify which swfs to load and track the loading of each. You can even mix asset types: swf, image, mp3, video etc.
  2. You can do any experimenting you want by just downloading the library files here: http://greensock.com/LoaderMax-AS3You can purchase the license once you are satisfied the tools work ( before your project is released).

Be sure to read the docs and I recommend this tutorial: http://www.snorkl.tv/2011/08/loading-images-with-loadermax-part-2-the-xmlloader/It uses  xml with images, but the same concepts apply to loading SWFLoaders.

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Thanks for the quick response.  I have one large swf which is around 50MB.  In includes many around 50 movie clips and special classes.  Not all of the content is needed by each user.  I'm thinking a loader would be helpful because it would allow the loading of only the relevant movie clips based on some action scrip code.  If i break this into a loader process then I'll end up with 8 swfs plus the 15 or so for individual content.  Right now, each are in one swf so I can use all my code across all the classes.  If I break this into a loader, I see i can use loader.getClass to get the classes.  But I'm trying to imagine how i can get each class in every swf.  Would the main loader be where all the code is managed?  When the user clicks on something new one classes loads the content and plays the movie.  The movie would dependant on all the other classes that provide the emulation of the device.  The more I think about the more confused I am and afraid to try this :)  your insght would be appreaciated.  Have you seen such a compliated project done with your product?  Can I have access to all the code across all loaded swfs?

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Yeah, I think i'm getting confused too;)


Once your swfs are loaded you can access them and assets inside them in the same fashion as any other loading system. SWFLoaders even have a getClass() method that allow you to reference classes in one swf from another Once the files are loaded the only limits you will face are those of Flash Player and its security policies. LoaderMax just gets the swfs to load and gives you a handy way to reference them.


For something like this I strongly recommend you start small and just build out a prototype.


Have swfA load swfB and swfC and see what you can do. Once you know certain things work with 3 swfs, scaling to 8 or 50 shouldn't be a big deal.

It sounds like you may have to do some clever things broadcasting events from one swf to another, but nothing you mentioned strikes me as impossible.

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Thanks!  I was thinking the same thing of a small test first and see how we go.  I appreaciate your help.

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