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Different transformOrigin in timeline

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I'm trying to have different transformations such as rotation, scale, skew, etc to animate with different transformation origins.


The code pen shows a simple example of the problem where i'm trying to scale from top left origin and then rotation from center.



What I expected it to do was rotate from the center of the result of the scaling. So basically, i shouldn't be seeing the black background.


Is it possible to do this?




See the Pen raNEvx by Spekumi (@Spekumi) on CodePen

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Hi Spekumi  :)


the transform origin is relative to element with scale 1 ( Percentages : refer to the size of bounding box) , in your codepen element rotate with scale 2 and you see undesirable tween with transformOrigin: "50% 50%" .


pls check this out :


See the Pen gbONqB by MAW (@MAW) on CodePen

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I see.

So if I were to use only to(), the only way I could get the result I wanted is by using set() to change the element's position accordingly?

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yep , some thing like this :

tl.to("#greenBox", 1, {scale:2 , transformOrigin:"0% 0%"})
.set("#greenBox", {left:33 , top:33})
.to("#greenBox", 1, {rotation:360 , transformOrigin:"50% 50%"});
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Ok, thanks for the help!

That answers all my questions! :)

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