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AIR App, load externally hosted SWF which loads XML

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I am wondering if this is even possible.


I am using LoaderMax/XMLLoader and loading in SWF files that are externally hosted into an AIR app.  Everything works great!


With LoaderMax is it possible to have one  of these child SWFs load in some type of XML data?


Or if need be, should I have the AIR app do all the loading (including the other XML) and pass that to the child SWF?


Thanks in advance! 


In detail:

AIR app -> Loads SWFs

SWFS -> Load XML

SWF -> displays something or does something RAD!!!


Thanks in advance!

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Glad to hear you are having success with LoaderMax.


To answer your question, you can absolutely use LoaderMax / XMLLoader to load and track child assets of child assets. 

I don't know of any restrictions that AIR might impose on desktop, should be the same as regular Flash Player as far as I know. 


I'd certainly recommend trying it. 


As for whether or not the main swf should load in data and pass it to child swfs, not really sure if either way is easier or better. 

I think I would let each child swf load its own xml.


If you need any help or get stuck, let us know.

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