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Calculating change for throwprops.to ?

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Hi, I've been trying to find a way to predict where throwprops tween will finally land (absolutely stops):


  1. I did my own  velocity detection via ThrowPropsPlugin.track(...)
  2. at touch-up event, i run something like :
    ThrowPropsPlugin.to(target, { throwProps:x:{velocity:1200,min:0,max:800}})
  3. I need to do something based on whether 'target' x final resting position is within certain value.


Is there simple way to do this ? I looked at the .calculateChange() but that seems to require .calculateDuration() first, and I was not sure using those two is the right thing to do or will yield the best/accurate result...



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A simple way to get the end value is like this

//create the tween just like you have been but with a reference
var myTween = ThrowPropsPlugin.to(target, { throwProps:x:{velocity:1200,min:0,max:800}});
//advance it to its complete state

trace(target.x) // and run other logic

//play the tween from the beginning
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Thanks Carl, that's a neat trick and solves my problem!

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