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Removing Split Text Field on Timeline Stop

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I am having a little bit of trouble finding a way to remove the split text field from a textfield once I stop the animation its in.


Long story short, I made a library which creates little timelines (sub-animations) for each animation (a timelineMax for flashing text, one for bouncing text, etc.).  I give the end user the ability to combine all these little tiimelines into one big timeline, so that they may do something like the following:


Text fades in, text flashes, text spins, text slides off screen


All is working fine until one point.  If one of those sub-animations uses a Split Text Field for its operation and the end user clicks the stop button before that sub-animation completes, the Split Text Field stays on the textField and I cannot find a way to remove it (usually the textField disappears).


If needed, I can provide some code but I have a sneaky suspicion that there is a very simple and already completed solution for this exact issue.


I can say that I do the following whenever the "stop" button is clicked as an attempt to fix the issue:

(These are applied to the 'master' timeline)


Thank you in advance for your assistance!
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Not exactly sure I follow your description, but I would start with trying the deactivate() method:



If that doesn't work please post a very simple example, preferably without use of your library, just an example that we can use to focus on what should happen when a timeline stops. Thanks

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Hello Carl,


Thank you very much for the help!


You're answer was exactly what I needed.  Just an FYI for anyone else who comes across a similar issue, my final solution was to extend the timelineMax with an object which I called enhancedTimelineMax.


This object simply kept a pointer to the SplitTextField used on each animation.

I replaced all my timelineMax objects within my library with this class.






When the end user clicks stop, I used the getChildren() on the masterTimeline and search for any objects which were enhancedTimelineMax and stated something to the following:





If what I said above is confusing let me know and I will post some code and further explanations.


Thank you again for all the help, its a super relief to get such great support.  Makes though projects move forward.

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