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text exploding effect

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I need a guidance in a proper direction.

I am working on a thanksgiving animation card and wanted to emulated leaves thrown up/falling down effect with individual letter forms.

I would like individual letters kind of explode in a puff from the bottom of the screen (each letter has a unique color), then they slow down in the middle of the screen and start to fall down in a swirling fallen leaves fashion. As they fall down they assemble into the text a couple lines long. This text is a real thank you note. As they assemble into the text they change to a uniform color.


Please suggest which filter or combination of filter/effects I should look into to accompllish such a look.


Thanks in advance.

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We definitely have some tools that will parts of this possible. I'm not sure I understand all the things you need to do.


For splitting your text into individual letters use SplitTextField: http://greensock.com/splittextfield


For dealing with physics based motion like acceleration, friction, gravity, velocity etc, please check out our PhysicsPlugins like: http://greensock.com/physics2d-as


For physics demos see the examples in the Plugin Explorer here http://greensock.com/tweenlite-as


SplitTextField and Physics2D are benefit plugins for Club GreenSock memberships. You will need a Shockingly Green account to get both.

See the club page for more details http://www.greensock.com/club


As much as these tools will make the task much easier, I don't see them as being a total solution. Advanced effects like this are going to require quite a bit of custom coding.

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