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Error #2124 not recognized format with ImageLoader

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I make a application which works with Api of some popular social media. After I parse data I receive rather strange but correct sources on asking assets. something like that:




And ImageLoader don't want to recognise this src as jpg. How I can set Loader to load such sources?! 

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums.

I clicked on your link and it took me to a full web page that had a big image in the middle and lots of other html.


ImageLoader needs a link to a specific, singular, image file.

It looks like you your app to feed you this url:


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Ohh, God, you right. I didn't see the elephant, and my mind ignoring that this is html page. Thank you for so quick response.

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No problem. It happens to us all  :-P

Good luck on the rest of your project.

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