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GSAP update has broken my tweens...

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Hi guys,

It seems the latest GSAP AS3 update has broken my tweens... 

I have a slot machine framework which has been used for many games over the last year or so and the latest update has messed the spin animations up (see attached) I am using TweenMax and the only thing i have updated is the greensock classes...


I haven't updated the greensock classes in this project for quite a while so they were running v11.51

Do you have any idea what would cause this? I have included some example tween code to show the easing and params i am using which might help narrow it down a bit.

TweenMax.to(mc, .2, { blurFilter:{blurY:30, quality:2}, y:endY, delay:delayNum, ease:Sine.easeIn, onComplete:spinLoop, onCompleteParams:[mc, mc2, 0]});


TweenMax.to(mc, 0.12, { y:endY, delay:delayNum, ease:Linear.easeNone, onComplete:spinLoop, onCompleteParams:[mc, mc2, 0]});



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v11.51 is from 2010 and there have been significant changes to the platform in that time (specifically in the jump to v12). It would be really difficult to go through all of them and try to guess what might be causing the problem. 

Most of the big changes however impact the timeline classes and basic tweens most likely would behave the same. Are you using TimelineLite or TimelineMax?


Its impossible to figure out what is wrong from a simple code snippet and screenshots. Nothing from the code you posted looks problematic. The only way we would be able to help further is if you created a reduced test case that we can test. Remove all code that isn't necessary to replicate the problem and attach a zip to this post.


My gut tells me though that if this project has survived the past 4 years with no updates, it might be best to leave it alone and stick with what works.

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Thanks for getting back to me Carl.

It's a weird one that's for sure... I will ring fence this version for use with the slots framework.

The main problem is having to swap out src paths when jumping between projects as i am using the latest version of GSAP on those.

Not such a big problem sure but I will see if i can isolate the code so we can have a looksee.


On a better note it must be nice to know that after years of use greensock is still my first and only port of call for coding my animations :)


Keep up the good work guys :)

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