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TweenMax Bezier - which segment (value) is current?

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      TweenMax.to player, len * 2, {
        bezier: {
          values: pathValues
        onUpdateParams: ["{self}"]
        onUpdate: (val) ->
          console.log val

If pathValues is an array 

[{x: 0, y: 80}, {x: 100, y: 200}]

, is there a way to check which value in a path is a current bezier segment?

I have a character that should follow a path and I need it to look forward one step in path, in order to change its animation texture.



Here's a demo: http://iccthedral.github.io/2014/10/10/PIXI-ex1.html

- Right click on a tile moves the knight (or whatever) to that position.

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