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(Dumb Question Incoming) How do I make TweenLite static?

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I'm trying to make some animations based on mouse location and scroll ~ but the Tweenlite *Autoplays* (aka finishes the animation instead of staying on that frame).

So how do I make Tweenlite static so I can manually change frames it via Tweenlite.progress() ? I am having a little trouble finding it in the documentation.


Thanks, Daniel  


..... I posted the local file .... *Facepalm* but I cant edit it 

See the Pen Desktop by Users (@Users) on CodePen

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If you're just asking how to make a tween not auto-play, there are two ways:

//just set paused:true in the vars:
var t = TweenLite.to(e, 1, {x:100, paused:true});

//or pause() it right away:
var t = TweenLite.to(...);

The same goes for TimelineLite or TimelineMax instances. You get total control of pretty much every aspect of your animations :)


Does that answer your question? 

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Yep, it does.... This is why you don't code at 3:00am

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Ha ha - yeah, I totally hear you on that one. My brain starts to get fuzzy around 1am. :)


Go get some sleep. You'll be much more productive tomorrow. 

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Thanks man! Works like a charm now ~ Time to ditch my old JSql animation libraries, this seems to cut runtime by a good 20%~  


Edit: Ok.., ok yeah sleep... Im just happy to get a dynamic parallax templet working that does not cause servers to burst into flames XD  

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