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AS2 TweenMax Pause/Resume

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Hi all, I've searched and searched to no avail for help with my problem.  I need to be able to pause some animations while others continue to play.  And then resume them again when needed.


And this needs to be done with TweenMax (I cannot use TimelineMax).  And AS2.


Ideally, there would be an easy way to create a function that I pass the movieclip location & whether or not it should be paused.  Something sort of like this?

public function pauseMC (MC:MovieClip, State:Boolean):Void{
	if (State){
		MC.pause ();
		MC.resume ();

Thanks for any help!


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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


Yeah, timelines and TimelineLite's exportRoot() method are the most convenient for controlling groups of tweens.


However, you can probably get by with TweenMax.getTweensOf(). It allows you to gather all tweens on a particular object of objects. 


So if you want to see what 3 objects / MovieClips are up to you can use

var tweensArray:Array = TweenMax.getTweensOf([mc1, mc2, mc3]);

That line of code will give you an array of all the tweens that you can then loop through to play() or pause() them. 

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