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Update tween starting values

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Sorry for no context, it's just really hard now to make something.


Well i try to form my question as simple and straight as i can.


Let's say i have created tween like that:

target.t = TweenMax.to(target, 0.4, {
    overflow: 'hidden',
    height: initRow,
    marginTop: 0,
    marginBottom: 0,
    ease: Power1.easeInOut,
    paused: true,
    reversed: true,
    onStart: closed,
    onReverseComplete: opened

So at first let's say it was div with height: 2000px, then it gets collapsed by this tween, but what i need now is.

To re-check this starting value (by some event that i have), and update it if it's changed (without restarting / visually affecting tween).

Or just update it by demands, in other words!


Hope it ain't too clumsy.


Any thoughts or some native functions that i don't know about?

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Hello failure13,


What you could try is a number of things. You could:

If you still need assistance, then please look at creating a codepen demo example so we can better help you, Thanks!


I hope this helps :)

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Invalidate sadly ain't works in my case, coz if i do restart it cause visual changes, my goal is to update those starting values but vithout any visual side-effects or jumps (it should always stay collapsed, before i really want to open it)



use one of the available kill methods in GSAP to kill your tween and then re-build it.


Can you please show some very simple example how can i do it without visually affecting tween?

I always thought that set of kill methods used for just basically null existing TweenMax object completely



  • using TimelineMax and TimelineLite you can declare a new constructor each time, if it is just a simple tween animation


Hmmm...Not really understood what you mean here!

Again, some simple example?


P.S. Sorry i just can't build any reduced pen of my context....But to emulate my event at which i need to update those values, you can juse use timer with 1000 for example

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I don't understand the question.

I'm sure if you can find 30 minutes to build a clear and concise demo someone will attempt to help you further.

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