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First off, the new forum and site are sick!  Nice work.  Looks great!


I am stumped on this one.


I made a sample loader (image loader) since I know the test is an image.


I am trying to load an image from s3 and I am getting errors?  Any ideas why?


Below is just an example with real data taken out.  


Also: In the output window I am getting Error on ImageLoader - with the correct path to the file which if copy and pasted works in a browser.  It also says Error Load never completed URL:  then the url again with the parameters and values in a different order.  


Why is this parameter and value shift happening?

Also which URL is it actually trying to load?


Any help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance!


var myImage:ImageLoader = new ImageLoader("https://somebucket.s3.amazonaws.com/img/someFile.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=someAccessKey&Expires=someTime&Signature=someSignature", {container:this});
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Thanks for the compliments.


It sounds like it could be a security issue caused by loading assets from a different domain. Is your swf on s3? Do you have a crossdomain.xml file in place?


I found this article that describes these issues in much greater detail


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Carl, thanks for responding so quickly.

Yep!  Policy file is in place and I did set everything up per that link you sent prior to testing this.


Since yesterday I have tested a few more things in more detail.  My policy file loads per my Logs.

OK: Policy file accepted: https://somebucket.s3.amazonaws.com/crossdomain.xml)

The problem: 

There is extra encoding happening on certain URL parameter values.


Fixed by unescape(url); 


However is it possible to turn this off globally with the loadermax and set vars?



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Glad you got it working. 

From what I understand of your problem there is no global setting to fix your urls (although I haven't seen them)

For individual loaders you can set allowMalformedURL to true, but I'm not even sure that would help in your case


  • allowMalformedURL : Boolean - Normally, the URL will be parsed and any variables in the query string (like "?name=test&state=il&gender=m") will be placed into a URLVariables object which is added to the URLRequest. This avoids a few bugs in Flash, but if you need to keep the entire URL intact (no parsing into URLVariables), set allowMalformedURL:true. For example, if your URL has duplicate variables in the query string likehttp://www.greensock.com/?c=S&c=SE&c=SW, it is technically considered a malformed URL and a URLVariables object can't properly contain all the duplicates, so in this case you'd want to set allowMalformedURL to true.


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