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TweenMax Green Pulse Effect script

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I'm by no means a professional at this type of script, I'm trying to teach myself Tweening to better my live-stream. That being said, I wanted to add a green pulse effect to one of my notifications when they appear, however I've tried and read everything and I can't seem to either:


A ) Get the correct format of the code?

B )  I'm not sure where I should write or put the code. 


If anyone could be of some help I would really appreciate it. I've been reading these articles all day and I can't seem to come up with the answer.


Thank you in advance :)


- RevolverC

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


Not really sure where the trouble-spot is for you.

I created a very basic file that you should be able to open and export from Flash CS6 (of higher).


It has 3 movie clips that pulse. The code is all very similar to what can be found on our TweenMax page: http://greensock.com/tweenmax-as or in the Plugin Explorer. 

import com.greensock.*;

TweenMax.to(mc1, 1, {scaleX:1.4, scaleY:1.4, repeat:-1, yoyo:true});
TweenMax.to(mc2, 1, {scaleX:1.4, scaleY:1.4, tint:0x91e600, repeat:-1, yoyo:true});
TweenMax.to(mc3, 1, {scaleX:1.4, scaleY:1.4, glowFilter:{color:0x91e600, alpha:1, blurX:50, blurY:50}, repeat:-1, yoyo:true});

Hopefully this file will work as a starting point so that you can start adding in your own code.


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