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Tom B. @ Wix

Possible Bug: Inconsistent 'clearProps' behaviour

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I stumbled upon a weird behaviour of clearProps, and couldn't find any reference to whether it is a bug or not.


When using clearProps with explicit values the order of the parameters passed has importance when clearing mixed transforms/properties values.


This will clear x and y and skip opacity - 

clearProps:'x, y, opacity' 

This will clear only "opacity" and skip x and y.

clearProps: 'opacity, x, y'

Same goes with other non transform values like "clip"


See the codepen for clearer example.

See the Pen ufphl by tombigel (@tombigel) on CodePen

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Hi Tom B.  :)


seems there is a little issue , pls remove any blank space between " , " and " property names " and that'ill work .


Bad = clearProps:'x  , y,  opacity' 


Good = clearProps:'x,y,opacity' 


sometimes the blank space 'ill avoid to clear next property ! 

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Also be aware that clearProps is intended for cleaning up the inline styles used by GSAP, and not necessarily resetting individual values, so clearing x or y actually clears the entire transform style. This is why you're seeing it work for both x and y without opacity in the first example. Only the x was being parsed but that was clearing the whole transform anyway.

TweenLite.to("#foo", 2, { x:100, y:200, clearProps:"x" })
// clears the transform style, resetting both x and y transforms

The docs do mention that clearProps is "a comma-delimited list" but I suppose that doesn't clarify that extra white space won't be trimmed.

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I'll add code to remove the spaces in the next release. I hadn't thought it necessary before, but obviously I miscalculated the user-friendliness of that, and my hyper-focus on file size and performance got the better of me :)

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