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How to enable/disable Draggable() ?

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Hi, I am using the Draggable plugin and I need to enable/disable it sometimes.

I can't find a sample on the help documentation to control this.

The follow exemple seems not to work :

Thanks for your help.

See the Pen by (@) on CodePen

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Hi Zhur  :)


Draggable.create() returns an array of draggables , so you should to use something like this :
pls check this out :

See the Pen KDHBL by anon (@anon) on CodePen

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Nice job again Ancient Warrior. You beat me once again;)

Your demo is better than mine as it clearly shows that Draggable.create() creates an Array of multiple instances.


Here is another simple demo:



Bonus note: in addition to going into the Array  to find the draggable to enable / disable (which is easy with 1 or 2 instances) you can also use 

var myDraggable = Draggable.get("#someID");
var myDraggable = Draggable.get(element);


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Thanks for this response. It works !


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@Carl Thanks for pointing to Draggable.get() - much the easiest way in my case to find the instances to disable and re-enable. Still great advice two years on!

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