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Sam H.

Animations cutting out

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We've been developing a new website using greensock and are having some problems with the performance of the animations once Tweenlite is initiated. Here's the page that it's most noticeable on:




if you click on one of the rooms the info panel comes up. Then close that info panel. After that, begin rolling over the other rooms with your mouse and the animations start to get cut short and eventually die. I think it's because of some running process going on or the way were writing it is in correct. Any help is appreciated!


Thank you,


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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


Sorry that you're experiencing problems using GSAP.


Unfortunately getting to the origin of any issues is very complicated in a live site with almost 500 lines of code  so far. Please create a reduced live sample that clearly demonstrates the issue you're facing right now. Check the following post:




Finally there are a couple of errors showing up in the console while clicking and hovering the elements:


invalid height tween value: NaN 
Uncaught ReferenceError: tl is not defined
The first comes out of TweenMax.min.js, so my guess is that some variable that's supposed to store a number is coming out as undefined, so GSAP returns that error. Check that part of your code.
The second error comes up when clicking the close button, that actually doesn't close any of the elements. Is being reported in this function:
function closePanel (event) {
  closeAll ();

Take a look at those and please make the extra effort to create a live sample that we can edit, that will help find the issue a lot faster so you can keep developing your site.



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