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Mike Baugh

"Format Code" breaks array elements to separate lines - Flash CC 2014

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I just upgraded from Adobe Flash CS6 to Adobe Flash CC 2014 and I noticed that they changed how the "Format Code" command formats a Greensock code line. Does anyone have a workaround or solution?


The way CS6 formated a line of Greensock code (my preferred way):

TweenLite.to(mc, 1.5, {x:100, y:200, rotation: 360, ease:Expo.easeInOut, delay:1});


How it formats now in CC 2014:

TweenLite.to(mc, 1.5,
    x: 100,
    y: 200,
    rotation: 360,
    ease: Expo.easeInOut,
    delay: 1
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Wow, that's really annoying.

I just tested in cc 2014 and saw the same behavior. That's a horrible assumption for them to make.


I looked in preferences > code editor > format code and none of the options available controlled how individual object properties are handled.


Really don't know what to recommend other than filing a bug / feature request with the Flash Pro team.

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