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Movieclip Flicker upon load

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I'm having an issue when my .swf first loads you can see the movieclips on the stage for a split-second before the tweens start. I think it happens primarily using FROM tweens like TweenLite.from. So if I'm tweening from alpha:0 it takes a second before the script initializes and the alpha is set to 0.


moving all the movieclips to frame 2 instead of frame 1 seems to help.


Also, strangely, it only seems to happen in certain browsers, chrome specifically. Perhaps its an issue with the html embed code if noone else if familiar with this problem.


thank you!





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This has nothing to do with GSAP - it's how Flash loads files in a streaming fashion. It won't fire any ActionScript on a frame until that frame's assets are completely loaded. That's why it works better when you moved stuff to frame 2. 

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