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TimelineMax onComplete and totalDuration doesn't work

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Is it possible that the onComplete and totalDuration methods of TimelineMax doesn't work at all?

version 12.1.5

I have nested TimelineMax instances all has totalDuration = 0, the nested onComplete callback functions doesn't get called. The main TimelineMax onComplete function is triggered immediately though.


Or I missed something in the last few months.. :)


Thank you.


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it is a bit difficult to understand what is happening.


Please provide a very basic example  fla  (zipped) that only has enough code and assets to clearly replicate the problem. 


You can attach it to this post using the "more reply options" button.

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Ok, I've created a new project and works fine, so I must investigate futher..

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I found it finally, I hardly can admit it was a typo in the properties of the timeline configuration object.. :(

Sorry for false alarm..



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