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Max On LoaderMax???

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Is there a maximum of videoLoaders one can add?


I have 14 MP4s that I am trying to play back.


On initial start of the app.  It attempts to load but then crashes.  


Is there a Max to LoaderMax (especially for video)?


Thanks in advance.


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There's no limit built into LoaderMax, no, but I'm sure there are limits in the Flash Player on certain devices depending on memory, etc. Unfortunately I don't have a specific number like "never go over 40000kb" or whatever - I suspect it depends on the device, Flash version, etc. 

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True.  All true.  I just didn't know if there were limits built in.  Thanks though.


Publishing for AIR 3.4, (the same assets/playlist run fine when in debug mode).


I will try to find that happy place for a few various devices.


I have tried leveraging setting various vars:


media = LoaderMax.getLoader("media");
media.vars = {maxConnections : 1, auditSize : false };
But to no avail…   :(




Trying to play - 10 MP4s @ an average of 8MB each 



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Sorry, I'm not sure what exactly the problem could be in you particular scenario. Perhaps reach out to Adobe about memory limits, performance, etc. I'm pretty confident this isn't an issue related to LoaderMax.

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