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Frequent loader error #2032 in the middle of stream

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I'm getting a frequent yet random interruption of loading mp3 files, with a LoaderEvent.ERROR followed by a LoaderEvent.FAIL, both with error #2032.  I can find nothing wrong on the server, there are no relevant Windows events being logged on the web servers.  


Server platform is Windows 2008 Server, IIS, and Coldfusion.  


What would cause a load failure in the middle of the load, when everything seems fine on the servers and with the network?  This impacting dozens of clients intermittently.


This is the Flash event info seen in trace info as a result of the loader failure:


event=[Event type="error" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2] 
text=MP3Loader 'loader2' (
Error #2032
How can I determine where the failure is occuring?
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Very tough to say what's happening. You can look at the LoaderEvent's "data" property - it will put the original Event that it received from Flash there. Beyond that, you'll need to check with Adobe about what's going one (LoaderMax just wraps around Adobe's core loading classes). I wish I had a great answer for you. 

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