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Draggable knob inside a fixed container

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I have a Draggable "knob" that sits in a header with a fixed position. It initially works as intended, but once you start scrolling down the page it gets harder and harder to rotate the knob - almost as if there's resistance being added to the knob as you scroll further down.


Here's a quick codepen to demonstrate what's happening (scroll down and try using the knob): 

See the Pen hrvnw by anon (@anon) on CodePen


Is there a way to configure or adjust Draggable so that I don't have to do a workaround like temporarily setting the position of the header to absolute while the knob is being used?

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Interesting - I hadn't anticipated that scenario, but thanks for pointing it out. Would you mind trying the attached [updated] version of Draggable which should factor in the scroll position? 


Just for the record, it had nothing to do with extra resistance - it's just that it was mis-plotting the rotation origin (pivot point), as if it were in the original position of the unscrolled page (in this case, at the top). 


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The updated version is working great... thank you!

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Hello again!


I was just revisiting this and noticed that this fix doesn't work in Firefox (v30.0).


Can anything be done about this?



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I'm so sorry for the delayed response. Your question slipped through the cracks. I have attached a preview of the next release of Draggable - does that work better for you? 


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