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Tween svg fill to gradient then back to single color

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Hi! best wishes for ya'll green(s)®ockers! ;) Good health & what floats your boat! enjoy!!

my question: Is it possible to define a gradient of lets say 4 color stops in jquery
then loop through an array of colors and one of those array items is that gradient... the rest is a single color.

Here is what I have. (it might look dirty... just testing :) )
The rainbow_array in the color array obviously doesn't work, its just to illustrate what i am after.
Many thanks for some insight!

var rainbow_array = Array ("e21111", "11e2c2", "a011e2");
var color_array = Array("#ffcc00",rainbow_array, "#e7353a", "#b62727", "#eeeeee", "#d5d5d5", "#0c0c0c");

$('#clickable_thing').click(function(event) {

      var parent = $(this).parent();
      parent = parent.find("rect");

      var fillcolor = $(parent).css('fill');

      TweenMax.to(parent,.4,{fill: color_array[i]});

      if(rgb2hex(fillcolor) == color_array[i]) {
          if (i < color_array.length-1)
            if (i == 1) {
                /*do gradient*/

            } else {
               TweenMax.to(parent,.4,{fill: color_array[i]});
       } else {
        i = 0;
        TweenMax.to(parent,.4,{fill: color_array[i]});


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One possibility is use the colorProps Plugin to tween the color value of a dummy object and onUpdate pass those values to a SVG object using RaphaelJS attr method, like this:

var btn1 = $("#btn1"),
      btn2 = $("#btn2"),
      //tween the properties of this object to apply the colors to the SVG object
      colorObj = {a:'#f00',b:'#f00'},
      t = TweenLite.to(colorObj, 2,{ colorProps:{a:'#f0f', b:'#00f'}, onUpdate:upFn, paused:true }),
      //raphael elements
      paper = Raphael(10,150,200,100),
      rectangle = paper.rect(0,0,200,100);


function upFn()
	rectangle.attr("fill",'45-rgb(255,0,0)-' + colorObj.a + '-' + colorObj.;



You can see it here:

See the Pen uJdsh by rhernando (@rhernando) on CodePen


I did it this way because I have the impression that the engine's RaphaelJS plugin doesn't pass gradients, just solid fills.


Please feel free to fork and adapt it to your needs.



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  • 1 month later...

Pardon me for the late reply, thank you for this example, it worked out well.
Kinda got lost in new projects so heres my belated thanks!

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