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Praney Behl

Is it possible to export animation?

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Hi all,


I am trying to find a way to export the timeline animation to a mp4(compressed) video.


Does someone know how this can be done?


Will really appreciate your inputs and suggestions.



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I don't have any specific solutions for you, but as far as I am aware the only way to record what is happening in a browser as video, would be using screen capture / screencast software.


I'm pretty sure QuickTime and VLC have some basic screen recording built in, otherwise you might google for a specific screen capture solution.


Wikipedia: Comparison of screencasting software

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I don't think using screencasting software will be a reliable option. Maybe I can create a server and process it on the server.


Thanks for your input though.

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Thanks Jonathan,


I have been through that resource before, but I was trying to not involve php and maybe to it solely with HTML5+Javascript.


I have come across a solution which involves running a node server  and then communicating with a video encoder.


But this is all a bit complicated and resource intensive. I was hoping to source a rather smarter way from some of the brilliant minds here in this community.


Thanks for your suggestion. :)

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Hi Praney 

Can you share how you did it?

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I created animations in canvas and used CCapture to generate a video. 

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