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How to stop audio from playing - Mp3Loader

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I have an Mp3Loader, real simple I'm trying to stop the audio from playing right away, loader.pause() does not work, I don't see anything mentioned in the docs about it

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If you want to load it without playing automatically, just set autoPlay:false in the constructor vars object like:

var loader:MP3Loader = new MP3Loader("file.mp3", {autoPlay:false});

And if you want to control playback of the sound after loading, just use the playSound() method or pauseSound() method.

loader.playSound();  //plays
loader.pauseSound(); //pauses
loader.gotoSoundTime(1); //jumps to 1 second

The regular pause() method is for pausing the LOADING of the sound, not the playback :)


See the docs: http://api.greensock.com/as/com/greensock/loading/MP3Loader.html

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I want to be able to stop the audio on call, and play again at a later date, the pause feature does not work, I just want something simple like stop

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Are you saying that you call pauseSound() on the MP3Loader and it keeps playing? Can you please post a very simple example FLA that we can publish to see what's happening (include your MP3 too please).

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Thanks Jack, I will put something together soon, right now I'm working around it

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