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Circle2D and 'Progress'

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So I've been running in circles (no pun intended) trying to access the progress of a tween so that I can make it perform different functions at diffent points of progress, ie:


var circleTween:TweenMax = TweenMax.to(myShape, 4, {circlePath2D:{path:circle,

trace(circleTween.totalProgress);        //outputs: function Function() {}
trace(int(circleTween.totalProgress));    //outputs: 0

I've tried messing around with get progress as well, but am clearly missing the mark on something.


Even using the code from the snorkl.tv Orbit - which clearly works in the demo - refuses to play nice and let me 'do something' based on progress...*Edit* and actually throws errors on the lines in which he has used currentProgress


Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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With GSAP v12, getters and setters were changed to functions. The snorkl demo may have been using v11 which is why it would have thrown errors changing between v11 and v12. A list of changes between v11 and v12 is available at http://www.greensock.com/v12/


* All the old getter/setter properties like totalTime, duration, paused, etc. are now methods like totalTime(), duration(), and paused() methods for better compatibility with JavaScript and slightly better memory efficiency. It also allows for passing extra parameters in some cases like totalTime(time, suppressEvents). If you don’t pass a parameter to the method, it acts as a getter. If you do pass a parameter, it acts as a setter. For example:

myTween.duration(3); //sets
var dur:Number = myTween.duration(); //gets


You should find that totalProgress returns correctly using this:

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Cheers - that seems to have done the trick.  Now to figure out where and how to place them properly, and we're in business XD

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