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LoaderMax with child swf

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I have 2 child swfs being loaded into a parent swf. Each child swf loads its own XML file. When I load the child swfs, I get back a null because they have not loaded their XML files yet. I am using LoaderMax. Is there anyway for the parent to know when all the child XMLs have been loaded.

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Hello and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


Yes, the loading of the xml can be integrated into the progress of the child swf (assuming that xml is loaded with an XMLLoader);


From the XMLLoader docs:


requireWithRoot : - LoaderMax supports subloading, where an object can be factored into a parent's loading progress. If you want LoaderMax to require this XMLLoader as part of its parent SWFLoader's progress, you must set the requireWithRoot property to your swf's root.


In each child swf that loads xml use:


var loader:XMLLoader = new XMLLoader("data.xml", {name:"data", requireWithRoot:this.root});


Let us know if you have any trouble

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