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Animate to random label

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Im trying to make an animation with random number to animate in different time in timlelinemac, so long everything is fine.

Then I have so sync several animations and make labels at different time stops.


The problem Im having after that is - I made random numbers between 1-11 and then I want to make a tween to a label with a number "1", "2" and so on.


var tlCC:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax({paused:true});

btn.onRelease = function()

tlCC.timeScale = 10;
var kalle = random(11) + 1;
// How do I get the random number kalle between 1-11 to animate to the same variable 1 to 11.
// As it is now it's animating in time not to a variable with a timename.
// couldn't make a dynamic reference with [] either...



Or should I consider a different solution, like store all the variables in a array and random through all of them and tweenTo that array?


Probably easier to understand if you look at the attached file.

Really stuck here, and help would be great :-)


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The problem is that TweenTo()'s parameter is a time OR label. If you pass in a Number it is treated as a time. If you pass in a String it is treated as a label.


tweenTo(1) // goes to a time of 1
tweenTo("1") // goes to the label named "1"


Try converting kalle to a String like so:


tlCC.tweenTo( String(kalle) );

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Hi Carl


That was exactly what I was looking for!


Thanks a bunch!

:-D :grin: :-D

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