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SplitTextField and TLFTextField

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Getting the following error when using SplitTextField.


"1067: Implicit coercion of a value of type fl.text:TLFTextField to an unrelated type flash.text:TextField."


I'm guessing that TLF Text isn't supported in version 11.


Any ideas?

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Yep, that's exactly right - TLFTextFields aren't supported. I doubt it'd even be possible to support them if we wanted to because of all the complexities involved. TLFTextFields are quite bloated and their performance is...well...not good :( Sorry, I wish I had better news for you.

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TLFTextField is basically a wrapper around a faster version of TextField, the flash text engine classes. (FTE)


So SplitTextField will basically have to be rewritten for FTE textfields, if you really need it then open up the code and consider changing every instance of TextField with TextLine (TextLine supports a single line of text, no formatting, no HTML).


You could port the code that way to use a FTE textfield, and that could be used to work with TLFTextFields.


Hope it helps.

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