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Tweening fails after array splice.

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OK, knowing Greensock I 100% understand that this problem is with my code.


I have an array of display objects. I'm pushing new items into this array using the following function.


public function addSubItem(Item:DisplayObject, ID:int):void {
  trace('Adding item with ID: ', ID);
  if (!isAnyTweening(scrollerItemsArray)) {

   Item.y = (scrollerSprite.y - Item.height);

   for each (var i:DisplayObject in scrollerItemsArray) {
 TweenMax.to(i, 0.25, {y:i.y + (Item.height + 5)});



And I'm removing the items from the array with this function:


public function removeSubItem(ID:int):void {
  trace('Remove item at position: ', ID);
  var removeItemPlace:int = scrollerIDArray.indexOf(ID, 0);  //get the location in the array of the item we are removing

  if (removeItemPlace == -1) {
  } else {
   var removeItemHeight:int = scrollerItemsArray[removeItemPlace].height;  //get the height of that item
   trace('remove height is: ', removeItemHeight);
   //remove the actual object
   //tween the items below that one upwards
   for (var i:int = 0; i < scrollerItemsArray.length; i++)
 if (i == removeItemPlace) {
    TweenMax.to(scrollerItemsArray[i], 0.25, {y:scrollerItemsArray[i].y - (removeItemHeight + 5)});
   //remove the item from the arrays


Which is all working fine. However, once I've performed an item remove, if I then add another item, the tween will work on all but one item, the one 'above' the item which was removed. It's hard to describe, so here is a video:




Any ideas what I've done wrong here? I know this isn't Greensock specific, but this is the best forum for finding people who really know Flash.



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thanks for the video and for acknowledging that this is outside of the normal bounds of GreenSock support.


It is a bit difficult to assess what is happening from the video as it all happens VERY quickly.


I think this relates to how you are using splice.

If looping through the array doesn't tween all the items in the array, I would FIRST verify that the array contains everything that I think it should.




When using splice to remove a single element you need to specify the insertion point of the removal AND the amount of items to be removed.


consider the following:



var master:Array = ['apple', 'banana', 'cabbage', 'donut', 'eel', 'fennel', 'gnochi', 'ham'];
master.splice(2)// removes everything from cabbage to ham
trace(master); // apple, banana


GOOD : remove only cabbage:

var master:Array = ['apple', 'banana', 'cabbage', 'donut', 'eel', 'fennel', 'gnochi', 'ham'];
master.splice(2, 1)
trace(master); // apple,banana,donut,eel,fennel,gnochi,ham



try doing:


scrollerItemsArray.splice(removeItemPlace, 1);
scrollerIDArray.splice(removeItemPlace, 1);

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