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Joe Hakooz

defaultEase for TimelineMax

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I know you can set a defaultEase for TweenMax, but how can I set it for a TimelineMax?


I've tried...

var tl = new TimelineMax({defaultEase:Power2.easeInOut});

...and other variations but nada happens.


Is it possible?


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I can see how this would sound like a convenient feature to implement, but there are some logic issues that could actually make it quite unintuitive in several situations (I'll spare you the lengthy explanation unless you request it). So to answer your question, no, that is not supported in GSAP. You could, however, leverage the vars object of the TimelineMax to store an ease and then reference that when you create your tweens. Kinda like:


var tl = new TimelineMax({ease:Power2.easeInOut});
tl.to(element, 1, {css:{width:200}, ease:tl.vars.ease});


Or store your own variable.

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I have no doubt there is a very good reason not to implement it in TimelineMax/Lite.

Very good suggestion. Totally achieves what I need...


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