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website in as2 and liquid area

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I just discover liquid stage and it sounds like it's what i need but my website is in AS 2.0 . i want to have a full background image that fit the backgound of my web browser page (with proportionnal scale ) . it's easy and work with a single image with my script .... but if i want different images that come from outside the stage (if i click on a button the background image of the stage go out and a new one, that come from outside the stage replace it ) .My problem is that the script i use resize everything that hide outside the stage (even if i have a mask ) .... i m so sick of that problem...i ll take a good menberships if you help me to resolve this problem... thanks (and sorry for my english)


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Sorry to hear about the frustration in AS2. Unfortunately, there aren't any plans to port LiquidArea to AS2. I'd highly recommend bumping your project to AS3 if there's any way you can, but I understand that's simply not an option in some cases.


LiquidStage isn't something we can just spend a few minutes on and port over for you (I wish it were that easy). It was a pretty complex project. Again, my apologies. I wish I had an easy answer for you.

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thk for the reply...my next website wil be built i as3 that's for sure... but anyway do you think there is a possibility to resize a mask and it visible content without resizing the hidden element? the transition i made between my pages are made with tween and look like on http://werkstette.dk/# but the movement are a bit slower. for now everytime i have a picture on my page and you click on a button a new picture is coming from the right side and the actual one go out by the left side . but during the movement the two pictures take two time the size of the stage so if you resize the website the picture become smaller ...it's a real problem... but maybe it's hard to understand what i mean ;) anway yo ucan't imagine how my website is better since i found tweenlite so thnk thnk

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I suppose you could use BitmapData to capture the pixels of your object and tween that independently and then toggle its visibility when you don't need it. I may not be understanding your goal correctly, though.

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