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Liquid Area, Gaia and multiple backgrounds

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I have a Gaia flash file that I'm trying to change backgrounds for each page. The background itself changes nicely but I'm having a problem getting the background to scale to the stage size. I'm trying to use Liquid Area to try and handle it and it does well with a single background but as soon as I introduced more my code choked..



 package com.picturesite.pages
   	import com.gaiaframework.api.*;
   	import com.gaiaframework.events.*;
   	import com.gaiaframework.templates.AbstractPage;
   	import com.greensock.TweenMax;
   	import com.greensock.easing.*;
   	import com.greensock.layout.*;

   	import flash.display.*;
   	import flash.events.*;

   	public class IndexPage extends AbstractPage
   		public var bg1:MovieClip;
   		public var bg2:MovieClip;
   		public var bg3:MovieClip;
   		public var bg4:MovieClip;
   		public var bg5:MovieClip;
   		public var bg6:MovieClip;
   		public var newBG:MovieClip;
   		public var bBar_mc:MovieClip;	

   		var releaseGaia:Function = Gaia.api.afterTransitionOut(onAfterTransitionOut, true);

   		public function IndexPage()
   			alpha = 0;

   		override public function transitionIn():void 
   			TweenMax.to(this, 0.3, {alpha:1, onComplete:transitionInComplete});		

   			var ls:LiquidStage = new LiquidStage(this.stage, 960, 760, 960, 760);
   			var area:LiquidArea = new LiquidArea(this, 0, 0, 960, 760);
   			area.attach(newBG, ScaleMode.PROPORTIONAL_OUTSIDE);

   		override public function transitionOut():void 
   			TweenMax.to(this, 0.3, {alpha:0, onComplete:transitionOutComplete});

   		private function onAfterTransitionOut(e:GaiaEvent):void
   			var newBG:MovieClip;

   				case Pages.HOME :
   					newBG = bg1;

   				case Pages.PACKAGES :
   					newBG = bg2;

   				case Pages.PHOTOS_SAMPLES :
   					newBG = bg3;

   				case Pages.VIDEOS_SAMPLES :
   					newBG = bg4;

   				case Pages.TESTIMONIES :
   					newBG = bg5;

   				case Pages.CONTACT :
   					newBG = bg6;


   			TweenMax.allTo([bg1,bg2,bg3,bg4,bg5,bg6], .5, {autoAlpha:0});
   			TweenMax.to(newBG, .5, {alpha:1, onComplete:releaseGaia});	



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I'm not much of a Gaia guy, but I wonder if the problem just has to do with the fact that you keep creating LiquidArea (and LiquidStage) instances and attaching the same object to them, but you never release() or destroy() the old instances, so you end up with a bunch of LiquidAreas/LiquidStages that are attempting to control the same object. Maybe try calling destroy() on the LiquidArea when you don't need it anymore.

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I gave the extra time and releasing shot but I didn't get a difference in the background.

The background is not resizing and filling the stage like it should. Even the very first background doesn't re-size.



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Sorry, Dave, I'm not sure how Gaia plays with it. Can you post an example FLA that demonstrates the issue? Please make it as simple as possible - no need to post your production files. Include any necessary support files too of course, including any gaia ActionScript classes. I can't really troubleshoot Gaia, though - I can only work on the LiquidStage/Area stuff.

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I still don't know the fix but I have isolated the problem somewhat. Liquid Area does not like the variable "newBG" coming from the switch statement.

If I replace newBG in this line "area.attach(newBG, ScaleMode.PROPORTIONAL_OUTSIDE);" with one of the other variables bg1, bg2... then it works fine..

Of course this ignores the switch.

I'll see if I can put a single file together to simulate the problem .... doing it with Gaia will still require lots of files.

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Oh, that's because you made a newBG local variable that only exists inside onAfterTransitionOut(), which takes precedence over the class-level one you define. So when you set newBG = [whatever] inside onAfterTransitionOut(), it is setting the LOCAL variable, not the class-level one.


Remove that local variable instantiation and you should be fine.

var newBG:MovieClip;

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