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I don't understand how functions the timeline in Greensock's

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Hi everybody!!



I am quite newbie in actionscript 3, and I realy do not understand how works the timeline in the Greensock's Tween class.


The most common tweens function in a very simple way. And I do not understand how I can make a complex animation with different paths or possibilities using only a single keyframe.


I was wondering if it's easy and it is worth converting whole the tweens inside my animation.

I'll post my example for you to understand ..


I did everything by my own hands, almost no codes ;D

Just gotoAndPlay, gotoAndStop, stop(); ^^


Remembering, that the main file will loads external files.




Sincerely, thank you!

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Hello FelipeSAMA,


I had a hard time understanding what your question is.

I looked at your zip but you only included a swf which didn't help much. The animation is very nice.


TimelineLite/Max can basically replace anything you can do on the maintimeline in Flash and much more

Being that it is code-based you have tremendous flexibility to adjust the speed of your animation and sequence hundreds or thousands of tweens.


please watch these videos




If after watching the videos you have a specific question about implementing any of the features, someone here will be glad to help you.


it is always best to start learning this stuff by experimenting with a very small goal in mind. Trying to learn it while trying to integrate into a complex project may prove frustrating.



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  • 3 weeks later...



Sorry If I expressed Myself Badly, let me try again.


I could even try to attach my FLA file, but it's quite big! about 100megabytes...


actually I have been training and made simple tweens, but I can't imagine how my over two thousanded keyframes SWF could be converted in just a single keyframe..


The example shown just uses 3 objects and made a simple sequence.... My animation is very complex... I have lots of doubts.


If for example, suppose the animation begins with a tween, then you have differente paths.. if you chose a path, the former objects must disappear, otherwise, the objects would acumulate and being increasingly heavier....


I will attach my SWF animation and a simple very reduced FLA file.. The original FLA is about 100 mega bytes..... Let' see if that helps!



Thanks for all!

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sorry I can't open the rar file. perhaps you can provide a .zip

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