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RemoveIgnoredItem doesn't return to _items

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Hello, I'm using VERSION: 1.92, AS3


Wondering if there is a reason that removeIgnoredObject() does not re-add the passed object back into the _items array?


I can easily insert this.addItem($object); but want to make sure I'm not breaking something else if that was intentionally left out. Please advise.


public function removeIgnoredObject($object:DisplayObject):void {
		for (var i:uint = 0; i < _ignoredObjects.length; i++) {
			if (_ignoredObjects[i] == $object) {
				_ignoredObjects.splice(i, 1);
				addItem($object); // Add this ?



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I think you might be misunderstanding what ignoredObjects are. They are simply objects that you want TransformManager to ignore in terms of deselection primarily. Like if you have a drop-down menu that you want the user to be able to click on without automatically deselecting whatever items are currently selected, you can add that drop-down as an ignoredObject.


If you remove the ignoredObject, it shouldn't tell TransformManager that you now want that object to be selectable/transformable. The two concepts are completely separate.


Does that clear things up?

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That helps, thank you.


I think I should be instead using item.enabled = false for my purposes.


Thanks for the speedy response!

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