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Disposing LoaderMax children

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Hi, great job for this loader.


I was wondering what is the best method to dispose all loaders :

If i dispose a LoaderMax does it dispose LoaderMax children too or do i have to loop in the LoaderMax.getChildren and dispose all of them manually?



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Hey, i'm not really competent, but I stumbled on this while searching the docs:


empty(disposeChildren:Boolean = true, unloadAllContent:Boolean = false):void

Empties the LoaderMax of all its loaders and optionally disposes/unloads them.


Maybe that helps.

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Yep, when you dispose() a LoaderMax, it automatically calls empty() and disposes of its children. If you do NOT want the children to be disposed, then make sure you empty() first and set the "disposeChildren" parameter to false, like loader.empty(false). But again, the default behavior is indeed to dispose the children as well.

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Great. Thank you !!!


That's really a cool loader.

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