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LoaderMax Beta: unhandled error events

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First off, fantastic job on this Jack! Great work as always and I'm glad to see some similar loading features that I've used in the past finally make it into your platform. What follows is more likely a request for features instead of a specific bug or other problem.


After several tests, loading every possible file type for an externally loaded asset, I noticed that there were error events (though they were handled in the bundled ErrorEvent) when I purposefully configured the asset to not load or cause a loading problem - something we all see in the real world on live sites and without notice or forewarning.


I believe a more strict approach to unbundled error events would be a super huge bonus, specifically the ones that follow below. I think we the developers could then add applicable and more granular evaluation code to the type of error and how to gracefully handle it, all the while keeping a smooth 'handled' movement to the system errors encountered during various loading processes.

  • [*:yb3jbit3]IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR by asset type/file type with additional internal function _ioErrorEvent
    [*:yb3jbit3]HTTPStatusEvent.HTTP_STATUS by asset type/file type with internal function _httpStatusHandler
    [*:yb3jbit3]SecurityErrorEvent.SecurityError by asset type/file type with internal function _securityErrorHandler


Jack, other than a few unbundled error events, the system you have in place seems solid and quite powerful.



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Good points, Randall. I just posted an update that incorporates your suggestions.

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