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Text underline animation

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I was wondering if anyone knew how to create and underline animation similar to the underline hover effect in the codepen?


Say for instance I wanted to have the underline appear from zero height at the start of the timeline, expand to full height and then back down to the normal underline height, is it possible, and to have it span over multiple lines?

See the Pen BdmpVx by Wking (@Wking) on CodePen

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Just to add, I'm not really interested in the gradient/colour of the underline, just the hover animation and being used on multiple lines.

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Hey Hando,


What's wrong with using the approach in the CodePen that you link to? 

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Hey @hando,


If it should be a simple animation ...


See the Pen eqVzRW by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Happy tweening ...



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