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Responsive GSAP Menu Reveal

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Hi everybody,

I try to make tween menu responsive but got lost. ?

I use watchmedia and addListener to change width of menu panel but my script obviously does not work properly when a) resizing the window b) resizing window and clicking menu button.

Is there a good soul that could help me to fix it? Your ideas are welcome.

Thanks a lot.



See the Pen Jgbvde by jordanboza (@jordanboza) on CodePen

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Hi @Jiri,


I see your post has a lot of views but no answers yet. That's probably because you have so much going on in the demo. Simplified demos make it much easier to troubleshoot. Getting into media queries and responsive layouts is a bit beyond the support we offer around here. We do try to keep the focus on GSAP support.


That being said, I think this thread can help.

You'll see that thread has a lot of good info and links to other responsive threads. I'd pay particular attention to @OSUblake's demo in that thread with the blue and red squares. It's a nice and simple example to get you started. It's always best to start small and build up.


Hopefully that points you in the right direction.


Happy tweening.



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Hi @PointC,

I simplified the pen and thanks for help.


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hey @Jiri,


Thanks for the reduce case.

In addition to the perfect recommendations of @PointC here is the hint that you can excellently animate a clipPath using GreenSock.


Together with a matchMediaList it could look like this:


See the Pen NQWdEP by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Happy tweening ...




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Hello @mikel,


thanks for your good hint and your pen.

I just have one more question. Will that GSAP animated clipPath be played in all main browsers?

Thanks for advise.




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Hey @Jiri,


If you like a lookalike - a fake of a clipPath ...


See the Pen LwyVdY by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Happy forking ...




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