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Graphical User Interface (GUI) for SVG Animations?

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Heyho guys, 


long time no read..

A seemingly never-ending hell-spiral of React, ES6, JSX, Webpack, and Wordpress new Gutenberg-editor are driving me insane... hate have neither time nor mental capacity to contribute here :(


Anyways! My designers came up with "this mega crazy awesome new tool, you just have to check out, yoh!"



It's a GUI producing svg animations. Looks quite promising; but unfortunately spits out filthy css animations (maybe they are good for css animations, but.. you know.. still css :D) 


It got me thinking:


– Is there a GUI which produces GSAP timelines?

(since I'm quite sure there isn't) Why isn't there?

– Have you guys considered making your own?

– Or maybe collaborate with existing tools like svgator? 


René :)

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It's been discussed a few times.




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Seriously, I'm not one of these lazy spammers! I used the forum search with both "GUI" and "Graphical User Interface" and got 0 results!





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Yeah, sorry, but our search tool requires at least 4 characters. Annoying, I know. I also wish it made that more obvious. 

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  • 5 months later...

There is at least one that I know of...





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