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TweenMax.defaultOverwrite doesn't work

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It seems that TweenLite.defaultOverwrite = 'all'; does work, but TweenMax.defaultOverwrite = 'all'; does not. This can cause confusion.


- Felix

See the Pen YEQxwL by felixturner (@felixturner) on CodePen

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Sorry for the confusion, but there's no such thing as TweenMax.defaultEase.



As Jack mentioned in a recent post about TweenLite.defaultEase...


TweenLite is the core class for everything, thus it's the proper place to attach static properties like that. It'd be inefficient to have to check two places for a default overwrite mode and it would cause more confusion if they were different.


Hopefully that helps






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You're right. Although we have the docs configured to not show that property in the left nav it is still showing up on the TweenMax main class page at the bottom. We are looking into getting that fixed. Sorry for the confusion.

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