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Han Lee

Task automation tool I made for banner production.

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I've been using this for a while, it's not perfect but the idea behind it I guess is to generate multiple banners with minimal effort plus a presentable preview link, with backup images.




If anyone can review or comment on what can be done for improvementr, it'd be great!






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grammar and image
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Hello @Han Lee and Welcome to the GreenSock Forum!


I can see alot of people in the community finding this to be a time-saver.


Thanks for sharing :)

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module.exports = function(grunt) {

    jsDir: 'public/javascripts/',
    jsDistDir: 'dist/javascripts/',    
    cssDir: 'public/stylesheets/',
    cssDistDir: 'dist/stylesheets/',
    pkg: grunt.file.readJSON('package.json'),
    concat: {
      js: {
        options: {
          separator: ';'
        src: ['<%=jsDir%>*.js'],
        dest: '<%=jsDistDir%><%= pkg.name %>.js'
      css: {
        src: ['<%=cssDir%>*.css'],
        dest: '<%=cssDistDir%><%= pkg.name %>.css'
    uglify: {
      options: {
        banner: '/*! <%= pkg.name %> <%=grunt.template.today("dd-mm-yyyy") %> */\n'
      dist: {
        files: {
          '<%=jsDistDir%><%= pkg.name %>.min.js': ['<%= concat.js.dest %>']
    cssmin: {
      add_banner: {
        options: {
          banner: '/*! <%= pkg.name %> <%=grunt.template.today("dd-mm-yyyy") %> */\n'
        files: {
          '<%=cssDistDir%><%= pkg.name %>.min.css': ['<%= concat.css.dest %>']
    watch: {
    files: ['<%=jsDir%>*.js', '<%=cssDir%>*.css'],
    tasks: ['concat', 'uglify', 'cssmin']


  grunt.registerTask('default', [
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