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I've been using npm packge of gsap with great success!


I really wan to use Physics2DPLugin in my vuejs2 app, so just renewed my club memebership.

I went thru a lot of posts.

I tried script-loader:

import { TweenMax, TimelineMax, Power0, Power3, Circ, Expo, RoughEase } from 'gsap'
but eslint flips out on plugin
I tried the webpack plugin way:
but I can't get plugin to work, but maybe I'm setting it up wrong?
Should I remove the gsap that I installed and rename the "greensock-js-simply-green" folder to "gsap" and copy that into node_modules?

I tried settign up a vendor folder, but I still can't get access to the PLugin


any updated info on using Club GreenSock PLugin with webpack / vuejs?






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Sorry to hear about the trouble. And thanks for renewing your membership :)


Have you tried using that new "commonjs-flat" folder that we started providing with GSAP 1.19.1 (in your zip download)? Those files are all lose in one directory so that it's super easy for Node/NPM folks to leverage. 


Actually, you should be able to snag the Physics2DPlugin.js file from that directory and dump it into your "gsap" NPM folder and it'll just work :) That way, you could do:

import Physics2DPlugin from "gsap/Physics2DPlugin";

Does that help at all? 

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