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Using premium Business Green features for banners weight-free

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Hi, community!


I have a Business Green member status and wondering if it possible to use some special features (like split text) for adwords. Google links does not provide this code but it would be really nice not to put this 7kb js file into my zip. Does you have any for advanced users? 

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Hello volcanoflash and Welcome to the GreenSock forum!


Please standby while we look into your question.


Thanks :)

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Hi volcanoflash,


There isn't any CDN hosting of the bonus plugins as it would make it far too easy for people to bypass membership – leaving us unable to develop and support the platform. Wish we could make it easier for our loyal customers like yourself but we don't know of any reasonable options.

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My friend used 

Dynamic Script Tag Injection

 before GSAP was available on Google CDN. I never dared to do it in my projects, but he reported that adWords didn't notice it, and his campaigns ran well.


Basically: if You are able to host the .js on a server, you can use it in Your google banner by creating a <script> tag, appending it to <head> and setting it's .src.


As Carl mentioned a public CDN could lower Greensock's membership incomes. I don't think He would love the personally hosted ( not public ) .js idea either.

I don't recommend it.

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