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Draggable problem

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Hi all!

I just started to learn Greensock, reached the Draggable plugin is the problem - when dragging the item it does not move further . code copied from the example on the website. 


when checking in http://codepen.io - everything works! on my site - no

See the Pen by (@) on CodePen

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Hi and welcome to the forums!


Without more information there's not much we can do to help.


The codepen url you've provided is not to your pen but to the codepen homepage. 


Please could you provide the correct link and try to isolate the broken code inside of codepen so we can help diagnose the problem.

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Thanks, dimonise.


As you stated there are no issues with that pen - I would suggest adding other parts of your website on the same page to see which parts break it.

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Hi dimonise,


As you've stated yourself, draggable works fine in CodePen. 


What can you see that is different between the CodePen and your site? Do you get any errors when viewing your site?


Is there an URL we can check? Not that we will be able to check your whole code but we can help you out on eliminating the most obvious errors.

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thank you all, I figured out the reason - the module has been paid

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