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Video Gallery appears then disappears then reappears.

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I get 6 videos.

6 videos appear in thumbnail and a few seconds after they disappear and reappear.

I think that charging is not complete when the 'onComplete' told me that everything was loaded.

Thanks for your help ;)

Here is my code:



var queue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name:"mainQueue", onProgress:progressHandler, onComplete:completeHandler, onError:errorHandler});

for(var i:Number=0; i < 6; i++){
    queue.append( new VideoLoader("videos/"+theVideo+".mp4", {name:"myVideo"+i, container:this, width:180, height:120, scaleMode:"stretch", bgColor:0x000000, autoPlay:false, volume:0, smoothing:true}));


function progressHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void {
    trace("progress: " + event.target.progress);

function completeHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void {
    for(var v:Number=0; v < nbrVideos; v++){
        LoaderMax.getContent("myVideo"+v).x = 50 + (v * (LoaderMax.getContent("myVideo"+v).width + 20));
        LoaderMax.getContent("myVideo"+v).loader.gotoVideoTime(startPreviewThumb, false); // true = lecture automatique
        var recupVideo:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent("myVideo"+v);
        // on cree des bouton sur les clips videos
        LoaderMax.getContent("myVideo"+v).addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, function(e:Event):void{jeClicSurVideo(e.target.name)});
    trace(event.target + " is complete!");

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There really isn't much I can tell from just looking at your code. Nothing really jumped out as wrong.


It sounds like you may have extra frames in your timeline and its looping or something. I really don't know why videos would disappear and I'm not aware of LoaderMax firing an onComplete callback prematurely.


SInce you say all videos are loading, I suspect LoaderMax is doing its job properly.


If you need more help with this, please reduce this file as much as possible, try to reproduce the issue with just 1 video instead of 6. 

If you can compress a video very small you can create a zip I can take a peek at your fla. Again, its important that the demo only have enough code and assets to replicate the problem. 

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