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What is causing the delay to starting the reverse?

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Hi there


I'm working through some of the concepts of GreenSock and was hoping someone could point out to me the issue with this animation. As you can see in the codepen the slider measuring the duration of the entire timeline is only about 80% through when it appears all my animations are finished. As a result, when I got to reverse the animation, there is a considerable delay before an animation kicks in. 





See the Pen mVpwNe by DB1500 (@DB1500) on CodePen

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It appears that although the hambuger visibility is set to none, you are still tweening which adds that tween time to the total timeline duration:

.to(".fa-bars", 0.5, {
opacity: 1,
rotation: "-180"
}, "header+=1")
Removing this tween from the timeline will make the timeline complete when "Contact" finishes animating in.
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