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onRepeat Not Firing

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I'm going to assume I've missed something I'll be blushing for in a few minutes, but I've been banging my head against this and just can't work it out. All I am attempting to do, is call a function via the onRepeat callback when it is applied to a tween in a yoyo repeat state.

I've tried numerous variations of the code and can confirm that if I use onComplete, the callback works, and if I use onRepeat on the timeline rather than a tween, then that also works but that's no use to me as I need to call multiple callbacks on separate tweens.


I'm sure this is something very simple but for the life of me I can't work it out, if people could check out the codepen and let me know what's wrong, that would be great.


See the Pen VvJOMQ?editors=001 by OneManLaptop (@OneManLaptop) on CodePen

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thanks for the demo, very helpful.


onRepeat callbacks will only be applied if the tween also has a repeat property like so:



    ease:Elastic.easeOut.config(1.1, 0.4),



you weren't telling your tweens how many times they should repeat and thus they weren't repeating and the callback had no need to execute.

an onRepeat callback on a tween is completely un-related to what happens when the timeline repeats.


Hopefully this helps. 

If you need some other behavior, please let us know.

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Cheers Carl, that's certainly fixed it and it's prompted me to brush up on the details of the tween / timeline relationship. Thanks for your fast and thorough help as always. :)

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