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Gary Griswold

Draggable bounds

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I have been able to use Draggable to create a very nice slider control that controls font-size.  There is one div, which is the slider bar, and another the thumb.  My only problem is that I need to set a starting X position for the thumb, that is computed from the current fontSize.  The math is working, except that I do not know how to get the this.minX and this.minY values before the slider is used.  The documentation mentions translation.transform, but I have no idea how that would be used in my javascript code.


The javascript is as follow:  If needed, I will add a code pen:



function startDraggable(fontSize, ptMin, ptMax) {

   var sampleNode = document.getElementById('sampleText');
   var ptRange = ptMax - ptMin;
   var startPos = initialPosition(fontSize);
   TweenMax.set('#thumb', {x:startPos});
    Draggable.create('#thumb', {type:'x', bounds:'#slider', onDrag:function() {
    console.log('x', this.x, this.minX, this.maxX);
        resizeText(this.x, this.minX, this.maxX);
   function initialPosition(fontSize) {
       var slider = document.getElementById('slider');
       console.log('local left', slider.offsetLeft);
      var bounds = slider.getBoundingClientRect();
      var minX = bounds.left;
      var maxX = bounds.right;
      console.log('found bounds', minX, maxX);
      var x = (fontSize - ptMin) / ptRange * (maxX - minX) + minX;
      resizeText(x, minX, maxX);
   function resizeText(x, min, max) {
       var size = (x - min) / (max - min) * ptRange + ptMin;
       sampleNode.style.fontSize = size + 'px';    
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Hi Gary Griswold  :)


pls try like this :


var D = Draggable.create(thumb,{
type : 'x' ,
bounds : slider

console.log('minX : '+ D[0].minX +' , maxX :'+D[0].maxX)


btw , pls check this pen for another way : 

See the Pen ZGLjVr by MAW (@MAW) on CodePen

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Thanks Diaco.  You really nailed it.

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